9 Best Freelance Twitch Emote Designers [2023]

Are you tired of scrolling through endless portfolios in search of the **best freelance Twitch emote designers** who truly understand your channel’s vibe? Imagine having emotes that pop with personality, adding a burst of excitement to your viewers’ experience. It’s like finding the perfect brushstroke for a masterpiece. In the vast sea of designers, we’ve navigated the waves and narrowed down the top 9 artists who turn emotes into captivating stories. Get ready to dive into a world where emotes aren’t just pixels, but windows into your community’s soul.

1. Sweet

  • Sweet
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  • 1365+ Satisfied Customers

When it comes to finding a gem in the world of Twitch emote designers, look no further than Sweet’s exceptional gig. From the moment you land on her page, a warm and inviting welcome greets you. Her dedication to crafting emotes that resonate with your channel’s identity is truly commendable.

Sweet’s artistic prowess shines through her meticulous approach to creating emotes. She’s a wizard when it comes to sizes, offering a range from 448px all the way down to 28px, ensuring your emotes retain their charm and clarity across platforms.

Communication with Sweet is a breeze. She initiates a two-step process that allows for collaborative input. The ‘Sketches Step’ lets you review initial sketches, ensuring that all your envisioned details are captured. The ‘Colours Step’ adds vibrancy and life to your emotes while still accommodating minor tweaks.

Sweet’s strengths extend beyond her technical skills. She’s adept at translating your descriptions and reference images into emotes that mirror your desired expressions. However, it’s important to note that her expertise doesn’t cover religious, mecha, or NSFW themes.

While Sweet’s creative finesse is top-notch, it’s worth considering the commercial use option if you plan to expand beyond personal platforms. Her package includes the option to purchase source files (psd) for further customization at a reasonable price point.

For Twitch enthusiasts seeking emotes that strike a chord with their audience, Sweet’s gig is a treasure trove of creativity and collaboration. Her commitment to capturing your vision while adhering to technical excellence is a winning combination.

2. Ducksick

  • Ducksick
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  • 7186+ Satisfied Customers

Ducksick’s gig is a vibrant playground for those seeking Twitch emotes that effortlessly transcend multiple platforms. With a repertoire spanning Twitch, Discord, TikTok, and even Facebook, Ducksick demonstrates a keen understanding of emote versatility. If you’re aiming to elevate your digital expressions across various social realms, this gig might be your golden ticket.

The pricing structure is both straightforward and enticing. Whether you’re after a solo badge or want to splurge on a set, Ducksick’s tiered pricing (1 for $5, 3 for $15, 5 for $25) ensures that your budget aligns with your emote ambitions. For TikTok and Facebook enthusiasts, the specialized emotes come at a reasonable $10 per piece, making your social content pop with personality.

One standout feature is the ongoing summer sale, which adds an extra layer of excitement. This limited-time opportunity allows you to snag your desired emotes at a reduced rate, making it the perfect moment to invest in your channel’s visual identity.

Ducksick doesn’t just stop at emotes. The gig’s flexibility shines through in their willingness to create animated emotes as well, catering to those who crave a touch of dynamic flair. The pricing for animated emotes ranges from $20 to $25 per piece, with factors like technical intricacy playing a role. While the vector format isn’t offered, the delivered PNG files ensure clarity across devices.

Ducksick’s dedication to exclusivity and quality shines through. Each emote is crafted with precision and flair, ensuring they stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Quick turnaround times and a commitment to customer satisfaction add to the overall positive experience.

For those seeking emotes that seamlessly navigate the digital realm and a chance to capitalize on the summer sale, Ducksick’s gig is an enticing destination. Prepare to infuse your channels and profiles with personality and charm.

If you’re on the hunt for multi-platform emotes that exude uniqueness and flair, Ducksick’s gig should be on your radar. The diverse range of offerings, coupled with their dedication to delivering engaging and high-quality emotes, makes for a gig that promises to elevate your online presence.

3. Naki

  • Naki
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  • 1119+ Satisfied Customers

Embark on a creative journey with Naki, a versatile artist whose gig is a treasure trove of visual delights. From emotes and badges to banners and logos, Naki’s artistic prowess shines through in every pixel. If you’re looking to infuse your Twitch channel with a unique and captivating visual identity, Naki’s gig might just be your creative haven.

One of Naki’s standout strengths lies in their dedication to variety. Their offering covers a spectrum of design needs, from the charm of emotes and badges to the sophistication of banners and logos. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your channel’s aesthetics is curated with care and precision.

The emote and badge sizes Naki offers (112x112px, 56x56px, and 28x28px) cater to different viewing contexts, ensuring your emotes retain their allure across devices. This adaptability extends to badges as well, with sizes like 72x72px, 36x36px, and 18x18px. This attention to detail speaks volumes about Naki’s commitment to visual excellence.

One of Naki’s distinctive offerings is the ability to translate your face, character, or logo into emotes and badges. Beyond that, their artistic prowess extends to crafting emotes even for your furry companions, capturing their charm in pixels. This personalized touch adds an endearing and relatable aspect to your channel’s emotes.

Naki’s pricing structure is both reasonable and flexible, making their gig accessible to a wide range of content creators. With tiers ranging from 1 emote for $5 to 10 emotes for $25, Naki ensures that you can find the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

For creators seeking a versatile artist who can bring their vision to life across emotes, badges, and more, Naki’s gig is a hub of artistic brilliance. Prepare to witness your ideas transformed into captivating visuals that resonate with your community.

For those in search of a multi-talented artist who can weave magic across various design needs, Naki’s gig is a canvas of innovation. With an eye for detail, adaptability, and a flair for personalized touches, Naki promises to elevate your channel’s aesthetics to new heights.

4. Eighty Eight

  • Eighty Eight
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  • 1934+ Satisfied Customers

Step into a realm of cuteness and creativity with Eighty Eight, where chibi and kawaii emotes come to life with unmatched charm. If you’re on the hunt for emotes that add a sprinkle of adorable magic to your stream or a delightful gift for a fellow streamer, Eighty Eight’s gig is your ultimate destination.

Eighty Eight’s prowess in crafting chibi and kawaii emotes shines through in every pixel. Their versatility is a major asset, as they can seamlessly transform your PFP, photo, Vtuber character model, or stream brand into captivating emotes that mirror your style. From the twinkling eyes to the endearing expressions, each emote captures the essence of your persona.

What sets Eighty Eight apart is their commitment to uniqueness. Every emote is a masterpiece, devoid of templates and exclusively tailored to you. Their dedication is palpable in their fast delivery and responsiveness, ensuring that your emotes are in your hands as swiftly as your creativity demands.

The additional 1000×1000 px for each design enhances the versatility of the emotes, allowing for seamless adaptation across various platforms. While chibi and cute emotes are their forte, they’re also open to exploring other styles, including anime and cartoony, upon your request.

Eighty Eight’s expertise extends beyond static emotes; they’re well-versed in crafting animated emotes that add a dynamic touch to your channel. This level of artistic flexibility speaks volumes about their dedication to expanding the boundaries of emote design.

For those seeking emotes that ooze cuteness and charisma, Eighty Eight’s gig is a treasure trove of artistic brilliance. Whether you’re aiming to embellish your stream or gift a fellow content creator, be prepared to be charmed by emotes that encapsulate the heart of your brand.

For those yearning to infuse their streams with endearing emotes that reflect their personality, Eighty Eight’s gig is an unmissable delight. Their commitment to crafting original and charming designs, coupled with the option for animated emotes, promises to enchant both creators and viewers alike.

5. Hanif

  • Hanif
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  • 2118+ Satisfied Customers

Step into a world of captivating cuteness with Hanif, a professional illustrator who weaves magic into every emote and badge. If you’re in search of cute twitch emotes and sub badges that stand out in the crowd, Hanif’s gig is the creative oasis you’ve been longing for.

With 6 years of experience under their belt, Hanif’s expertise shines through in the intricate details of every emote. Whether you’re after chibi emotes, text-based expressions, sub badges, or even art for vtubers and pngtubers, Hanif’s versatility ensures your project is handled with finesse.

What sets Hanif apart is their dedication to quality and authenticity. Each emote is a testament to their originality and artistic prowess, ensuring that your channel’s visual identity is as unique as you are. High-resolution images and a keen eye for picture details make every emote a masterpiece.

One of Hanif’s strengths lies in their approach to communication. Their friendly demeanor fosters an environment where ideas flow seamlessly. Additionally, they offer specialized rates for bulk orders, allowing you to curate a comprehensive collection of emotes that embody your channel’s essence.

The gig’s offering encompasses an array of creative possibilities. From adorable chibi emotes to eye-catching sub badges, Hanif’s dedication to delivering different sizes of emotes ensures that your emotes are optimized for various platforms.

For those seeking a professional illustrator with a flair for bringing cuteness to life, Hanif’s gig is a haven of creativity. Whether you’re envisioning chibi wonders or vibrant sub badges, Hanif’s artistry promises to enhance your streaming experience.

For creators in pursuit of emotes that radiate cuteness and capture the essence of their channels, Hanif’s gig is a beacon of creativity. With a wealth of experience, dedication to quality, and the ability to turn concepts into adorable realities, Hanif’s gig promises to elevate your streaming visuals.

6. Emotesmaker

  • Emotesmaker
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  • 560+ Satisfied Customers

Embrace the expertise of a dedicated team of Graphic Designers with Emotesmaker’s gig. If you’re in search of emotes and sub badges that seamlessly enhance your streaming experience, this is a gig that stands as a testament to professional excellence.

Emotesmaker’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their unwavering support. With 24-hour availability, you’re never alone on your design journey. Their willingness to provide free design ideas and expert-related suggestions ensures that your emotes and badges exceed your expectations.

Unlimited modifications underscore Emotesmaker’s dedication to delivering perfection. They remain by your side until you’re fully satisfied with the end result. The gig’s promise of lifetime free support and the option for changes if issues arise adds an extra layer of reassurance.

The versatility of Emotesmaker’s offering is impressive. Their expertise covers a wide spectrum of services, including twitch sub emotes, custom emojis, sub badges, badges logos, and much more. Whether you’re a Twitch, YouTube, or Discord streamer, their proficiency in providing the required sizes ensures your emotes and badges shine across various platforms.

One standout feature is the gig’s emphasis on delivering source files and all necessary sizes upon order completion. This level of attention to detail ensures that you’re equipped with everything you need to seamlessly integrate your emotes and badges into your streaming environment.

For creators seeking a dedicated team that excels in delivering tailored emotes and badges, Emotesmaker’s gig is a sanctuary of design brilliance. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, unmatched support, and a comprehensive range of services, Emotesmaker promises to elevate your streaming visuals to new heights.

For those seeking a collaborative and professional design experience, Emotesmaker’s gig is a treasure trove of creativity and support. Their dedication to delivering excellence, backed by unwavering customer assistance, makes for a gig that promises to transform your emotes and badges into captivating visual assets.

7. Sakurart

  • Sakurart
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  • 2628+ Satisfied Customers

Embark on an artistic journey with Sakurart, where every emote is a canvas of creativity and collaboration. If you’re in search of emotes that reflect your vision and resonate with your community, Sakurart’s gig offers a delightful blend of expertise and flexibility.

Sakurart’s commitment to understanding your ideas is evident from the start. Their willingness to consider your references or sketches adds a personalized touch to the creative process. This collaboration begins with a sketch that serves as the foundation, allowing you to provide feedback and steer the art’s direction.

What sets Sakurart apart is their dedication to delivering a finalized version that aligns with your feedback. This meticulous attention ensures that the emotes not only capture your vision but also embody any adjustments made during the sketching phase.

Sakurart’s offering extends beyond the emotes themselves. With a gift of a 1000px version, they demonstrate a commitment to exceeding expectations. Additionally, the inclusion of all necessary Twitch sizes (72p/36p/18p or 112p/56p/28p) ensures that your emotes shine across various platforms.

The gig’s emphasis on commercial ownership adds another layer of reassurance. This not only grants you the freedom to use the art for various purposes but also underscores Sakurart’s professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

For creators seeking emotes that blend artistic finesse with collaborative spirit, Sakurart’s gig is a haven of creativity. With a commitment to delivering personalized emotes that stand out in the Twitch universe, Sakurart promises to transform your vision into emotes that resonate with your community.

For creators seeking emotes that marry artistic brilliance with collaborative spirit, Sakurart’s gig is a canvas of creativity. With a commitment to understanding your ideas and delivering emotes that surpass expectations, Sakurart promises to be your artistic ally on the journey to enhancing your Twitch experience.

8. Akaha

  • Akaha
  • Our Ratings:
  • 515+ Satisfied Customers

Dive into a realm of cuteness and creativity with Akaha, a seasoned artist with a knack for crafting outstanding cute twitch emotes. If you’re in pursuit of emotes that capture your essence and resonate with your audience, Akaha’s gig offers a vibrant blend of artistic brilliance and personalized touch.

Akaha’s diverse skill set shines through in their offering. From cute chibi emotes to dynamic animated twitch emotes, sub badges, and even twitch logos, their creative arsenal is a testament to their versatility. With a global clientele, they’ve honed their craft to perfection, making them a reliable ally for bringing your emote dreams to life.

One standout feature of Akaha’s gig is their dedication to detail and personalization. Their requirement for your photo and detailed references ensures that each emote encapsulates your unique characteristics. Furthermore, the option for a free animation in the GOLD package adds an exciting touch of dynamism to your emotes.

Akaha’s commitment to collaboration is evident in their desire for detailed information about your reference and the list of expressions you need. This interactive approach ensures that the resulting emotes not only mirror your vision but also infuse them with Akaha’s artistic flair.

The gig’s emphasis on delivering different sizes of emotes aligns with the need for optimization across platforms. Whether you’re looking to charm your audience on Twitch or seeking consistency across various contexts, Akaha ensures your emotes are ready to shine.

For creators who demand emotes that exude cuteness and resonate with authenticity, Akaha’s gig is a treasure trove of artistic excellence. With a portfolio spanning chibi emotes, animations, and beyond, Akaha promises to elevate your streaming experience through emotes that capture hearts.

For creators seeking emotes that reflect their uniqueness and resonate with their audience, Akaha’s gig is a wellspring of creativity. With a range of offerings, personalized approach, and dedication to infusing life into your emotes, Akaha promises to be your artistic partner on the journey to emote excellence.

9. Akira

  • Akira
  • Our Ratings:
  • 1658+ Satisfied Customers

Step into a world of customization and creativity with Akira, a versatile artist who crafts custom emotes and sub badges that align seamlessly with your streaming needs. If you’re in search of fast and reliable design solutions that span across Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Kick, or TikTok, Akira’s gig is a haven of artistic possibilities.

Akira’s gig is marked by a special limited-time offer, making it an opportune moment to seize their creative prowess. The gig’s simplicity is a testament to their efficiency and understanding of their clients’ needs. With a user-friendly ordering process, you can easily select the desired number of emotes and provide concise descriptions or reference images to guide the artistic process.

The gig’s promise of delivering three separate transparent .PNG files in the required platform sizes underscores Akira’s commitment to ensuring your emotes and badges are optimized for various contexts. This level of attention to detail speaks volumes about their dedication to delivering top-notch designs that are ready for seamless integration.

Akira’s artistic range extends beyond emotes and sub badges. Their ability to create a spectrum of stream assets, from profile pictures and panels to banner art and stickers, adds a layer of versatility to their offering. Additionally, their proficiency in crafting artwork for commercial use, character mascot design, and even PNGtuber/Vtuber art showcases their ability to cater to a wide range of creative needs.

For creators seeking swift and reliable design solutions that resonate with their streaming requirements, Akira’s gig is a trove of customization and creative brilliance. With an array of offerings and a commitment to delivering optimized designs, Akira promises to elevate your streaming visuals to new heights.

For creators in pursuit of swift, versatile, and reliable design solutions, Akira’s gig is a beacon of artistic excellence. With a focus on customization, optimization, and a wide range of offerings, Akira’s creative prowess promises to be your guiding light on the path to enhancing your streaming aesthetic.

What Makes A Great Freelance Twitch Emote Designer?

Crafting the perfect emote requires a blend of artistic prowess and a keen understanding of the streaming community. A great freelance Twitch emote designer is not only skilled in illustration, but also possesses the ability to encapsulate a streamer’s personality, channel theme, and audience preferences within a tiny canvas. They have an intuitive grasp of emotive expressions, translating feelings and reactions into pixels with finesse. Beyond technical skills, a great designer is also a skilled communicator, able to collaborate closely with clients to turn ideas into emote wonders.

What Sets These Freelancers Apart?

The selected freelancers stand out for their unique strengths and approaches, each contributing a distinct flavor to the emote design landscape. From Sweet’s attention to detail to Ducksick’s dynamic versatility, these designers showcase various creative dimensions. Sakurart’s collaborative spirit, Emotesmaker’s customer-centric approach, and Akira’s specialization in diverse platforms set them apart. Hanif’s mastery in chibi art and Naki’s broad design spectrum add to the array. Eighty Eight’s dedication to originality and Akaha’s emphasis on customization are also remarkable features that distinguish these freelancers.

How Can You Collaborate Effectively With These Freelancers?

Collaborating seamlessly with these freelancers involves a balance of clear communication and creative freedom. Start by providing detailed references and ideas that help them understand your vision. Be open to their suggestions and insights, leveraging their expertise to enhance your ideas. Remember, their goal is to transform your concepts into captivating visuals. Regular feedback loops during the design process ensure that the end result aligns with your expectations. Utilize their skills to optimize emote sizes for different platforms and make use of the artistic freedom they offer. Effective collaboration is a dance of ideas, leading to emotes that resonate with your community.


As you embark on your journey to enhance your Twitch experience with captivating emotes, remember that the creative universe is vast, and the ‘9 Best Freelance Twitch Emote Designers’ featured here are your guides to pixelated wonders. Each designer we’ve explored brings a unique brushstroke to the canvas of emote artistry, ready to transform your ideas into expressive icons.

Whether you’re seeking chibi charm, dynamic versatility, or personalized collaboration, these designers have you covered. From Sweet’s meticulous strokes to Akira’s swift solutions, the realm of emotes awaits your exploration.

So, why wait? Elevate your streaming with emotes that resonate, engage, and delight. Choose the emote designer that resonates with your vision, and let your channel be adorned with visuals that speak volumes. Unlock the power of emotive communication, guided by the expertise of these top-notch designers.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Your emote adventure is a chapter in the ever-evolving story of your streaming persona. Now, it’s time to bring your emote dreams to life, as the world of emotes beckons you with open arms.

Here’s to embracing the pixelated magic created by the best freelance Twitch emote designers – your partners in visual storytelling!

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