12 Best Freelance Australian Female Voice Over Artists [2023]

Looking for the perfect voice to bring your project to life? Dive into the world of voice-over artistry with our curated list of the 12 best freelance Australian female voice-over artists. These talented professionals have the power to transform words into captivating audio, and we’ve got the inside scoop on who’s making waves in the industry.

Get ready to be blown away by the voices that can paint a thousand pictures with just a few syllables. Our roundup of the finest freelance Australian female voice-over artists is here to add a touch of magic to your narratives, commercials, and more. Discover the voices that are redefining storytelling in the auditory realm.

Craving a voice that resonates with your brand or project? Look no further. We’ve done the detective work to compile a must-know list of the best freelance Australian female voice-over artists. From engaging narrations to persuasive promos, these artists have the skills to make your scripts come alive.

1. Jenny Eden

  • Jenny Eden
  • Our Ratings:
  • 318+ Satisfied Customers

Looking for a voice that resonates with authenticity and professionalism? Jenny Eden is a seasoned Australian voice-over artist, actor, and presenter, she brings a wealth of 9 years of experience to the table.

Jenny’s commitment to quality shines through in every project she takes on. She doesn’t settle for mediocrity; she crafts each piece of audio with the kind of unique voice that only comes from a true professional.

Versatility is her middle name. Whether it’s various accents, characters, or distinct tones, Jenny’s repertoire knows no bounds. Her pro home studio and top-notch equipment ensure that the final product meets industry standards.

What truly sets Jenny apart is her noteworthy portfolio. From being the voice behind FIFA Coke WWC 23 to representing RAA Insurance Aus, her vocal prowess has been recognized on a grand scale. She’s not just a voice; she’s a brand enhancer.

Navigating the specifics of the gig is a breeze with Jenny. Her terms are clear, and she’s upfront about what you can expect. Plus, the option for revisions and additional services makes tailoring your project to perfection an easy feat.

Considering a rush job? Jenny’s got you covered there too. With the ‘Extra Fast Delivery’ option, urgent projects don’t have to sacrifice quality.

In a nutshell, Jenny Eden encapsulates the essence of a top-tier Australian female voice-over artist. With a voice that’s as genuine as it is captivating, she’s a surefire choice to elevate your project to the next level.

2. Emma Owens

  • Emma Owens
  • Our Ratings:
  • 1375+ Satisfied Customers

Searching for a voice that epitomizes professionalism and dedication? Look no further than Emma Owens, a standout Australian female voice-over artist.

Emma’s commitment to delivering top-notch quality shines through in every syllable she utters. With a decade’s worth of experience, she’s honed her craft to perfection, and it’s evident in the exceptional work she produces.

Versatility is her forte. Whether it’s a brief 15-second TVC or an extensive 20-hour training video, Emma’s vocal prowess adapts seamlessly to every project, leaving a mark that’s hard to forget.

Emma’s attention to detail is commendable. She thrives on clarity, so being specific about your desired tone, pace, and style is the key to receiving a tailored masterpiece that aligns perfectly with your vision.

What sets Emma apart is her comprehensive approach to client needs. Whether it’s syncing the voice-over to a video, adding music, or splitting files, she anticipates your requirements and ensures a hassle-free experience.

Notably, Emma’s clientele includes heavyweights like Westpac, eHarmony, and eBay, a testament to her caliber in the industry. While she offers a free revision for any mistakes, her diligence ensures that you’re unlikely to need it.

In a nutshell, Emma Owens is the embodiment of professionalism, versatility, and excellence in the realm of Australian female voice-over artists. Choosing her is a decision that guarantees a voice that resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

3. Sara

  • Sara
  • Our Ratings:
  • 145+ Satisfied Customers

Meet Sara, a seasoned Australian female voice-over artist with an impressive track record that easily clinches a perfect 10/10.

With over 16 years in the industry, Sara’s voice carries the weight of experience and professionalism. Her portfolio spans a wide spectrum, from IVR to narration, and she’s left her mark on projects for renowned names like Dominos Pizza, BMW, and Sofitel Hotels.

Sara’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s a storytelling tool. Her mastery over tone and intonation brings scripts to life, captivating listeners and engaging them on a profound level.

What truly sets Sara apart is her versatility beyond the microphone. As an adept copywriter, scriptwriter, editor, and content creator, she offers a holistic approach to your project, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly to create a cohesive masterpiece.

Working with Sara is more than just a transaction; it’s a collaboration. Her experience with industry giants like Etihad Airlines and Cosway Malaysia is a testament to her reliability and skill. When you choose Sara, you’re choosing excellence.

In a nutshell, Sara isn’t just an artist; she’s a storyteller, a collaborator, and a professional who crafts audio experiences that linger in the minds of your audience. With Sara on board, your project is not just in safe hands, but in the hands of someone who knows how to elevate it to greatness.

4. Gemma

  • Gemma
  • Our Ratings:
  • 104+ Satisfied Customers

Introducing Gemma, an Australian female voice-over artist who deserves a resounding 10/10 for her exceptional talents and unmatched professionalism.

With a robust background in film and television across Australia and the UK, Gemma brings a unique blend of experience to the table. Her work extends beyond the microphone, having graced commercials for global giants like Mercedes Benz and McDonald’s.

Gemma’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s a passport to narratives that come alive. Whether it’s documentary narration, promotional pieces, or even audiobook readings, she infuses each project with the perfect touch of performative brilliance.

One of Gemma’s standout attributes is her adaptability. Her repertoire covers a diverse array of projects, from narrative animations to games and website content. Regardless of the medium, Gemma’s voice paints vivid images that resonate.

Gemma’s commitment to delivering excellence is reflected in her approach to rights. She’s crystal clear about the importance of commercial and broadcast rights, ensuring your audio finds its place seamlessly in the business and marketing world.

Promptness and quality define Gemma’s service. Her broadcast quality home studio is the hub of her creativity, where she crafts audio that’s not just sound but an experience. With a delivery that exudes authenticity and professionalism, Gemma’s work is a masterpiece.

In summation, Gemma is more than a voice; she’s a performer, a storyteller, and an artist who transforms words into captivating auditory journeys. When you collaborate with Gemma, you’re not just getting a voice-over; you’re getting a partner who knows how to elevate your narratives to new heights.

5. Ione B

  • Ione B
  • Our Ratings:
  • 100+ Satisfied Customers

Meet Ione B, an Australian female voice-over artist who’s earned her place in the spotlight with a solid 10/10 score for her unmatched talent and extensive experience.

With an impressive 7-year journey on Fiverr and over 2000 glowing 5-star reviews, Ione’s track record speaks volumes. Her prowess extends beyond the microphone; she’s a working actress based in the heart of Los Angeles, with a resume that’s even showcased on IMDb.

Ione’s voice is a blend of authenticity and versatility. Whether it’s commercials, animations, explainer videos, or even feature films, her voice effortlessly adapts, breathing life into every script.

One of the highlights of working with Ione is her efficiency. Ordering is a breeze; just input the word count, add relevant extras, and you’re good to go. Her commitment to delivering high-quality, broadcast-ready recordings is unwavering, backed by professional recording equipment.

Beyond her impressive scope, Ione’s willingness to customize licensing rates for various platforms showcases her flexibility and commitment to client needs.

To sum it up, Ione B isn’t just a voice-over artist; she’s an experience enhancer. Her voice weaves narratives that resonate, and her professionalism elevates every project she touches. When you choose Ione, you’re choosing excellence.

6. Kelly Petering

  • Kelly Petering
  • Our Ratings:
  • 1777+ Satisfied Customers

With a foundation as a trained and professional actor, Kelly’s performances radiate a unique charm that’s hard to resist. Her journey as a voice-over artist since 2014 is a testament to her dedication and expertise, having lent her voice to renowned names like Amazon, Telstra, and Jetstar.

Kelly’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s a signature. Her smooth and friendly Australian accent weaves stories that resonate, transforming scripts into immersive experiences that captivate listeners.

Kelly’s transparency about optional extras is commendable. She understands the nuances of using recordings for different purposes, be it paid promotions or social media engagements. Her readiness to clarify queries shows her commitment to a seamless collaboration.

Navigating her gig is a breeze, and her videos serve as living proof of her talent. Kelly’s willingness to offer a $5 sample of your script exemplifies her confidence in her abilities and her eagerness to exceed expectations.

In summary, Kelly Petering isn’t just a voice; she’s an experience. Her journey as a performer, her dedication to craft, and her commitment to her clients make her an outstanding Australian female voice-over artist. Choosing Kelly is choosing a journey of excellence.

7. Courtney Dunn

  • Courtney Dunn
  • Our Ratings:
  • 334+ Satisfied Customers

Introducing Courtney Dunn, an Australian female voice-over artist who secures a perfect 10/10 score for her exceptional vocal artistry and client-focused approach.

With Courtney, your business gains a voice that’s as professional as it is engaging. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, she seamlessly blends her skills as a voiceover artist, journalist, and audio editor to deliver top-tier results.

Courtney’s versatility is a standout feature. Whether it’s explainer videos, corporate training, or even podcast intros, her voice adapts effortlessly, elevating your content and leaving a lasting impact.

Working with Courtney is a breeze. A script and a hint of the desired style are all she needs to work her magic. The best part? She’s adept at taking the reins if you’re uncertain about the tone you’re after.

Courtney’s commitment to her clients is evident in every detail. Her offerings come complete with de-breathed and expertly edited audio, ensuring a seamless listening experience. And, with the option to include backing music, sync video time, or access script consultation, the possibilities for customization are endless.

One of Courtney’s standout qualities is her clarity on usage rights. Whether it’s Commercial Rights or Full Broadcast Rights, she guides you through the process, ensuring your voiceover aligns perfectly with your intended use.

In conclusion, Courtney Dunn isn’t just a voice; she’s a collaborator, an artist, and a professional who knows how to make your content shine. When you choose Courtney, you’re not just hiring a voice-over artist; you’re investing in an experience that sets your project on the path to excellence.

8. Kate R

  • Kate R
  • Our Ratings:
  • 264+ Satisfied Customers

Meet Kate R, an Australian female voice-over artist who deserves a perfect 10/10 score for her vibrant energy and unwavering professionalism, all from a client’s perspective.

Kate’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s a journey. With her versatile talents, she effortlessly transforms from the spirited footy enthusiast to the nurturing mom of three, resonating with a warmth that captures the essence of each narrative.

What sets Kate apart is her innate ability to connect. Her narration isn’t just a recitation; it’s a personal experience that guides listeners along. Her voice bridges the gap, making her the perfect match for projects that require a genuine connection.

Kate’s background in radio and voice acting speaks volumes about her caliber. With a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts and a knack for improvisation, she brings a depth to her work that’s evident in every syllable.

Kate’s professionalism shines through in every aspect. Her delivery of high-quality WAV files, de-breathed for optimal quality, showcases her attention to detail. The inclusion of commercial rights adds value to your investment, ensuring your project reaches its full potential.

Kate’s commitment to ethical guidelines is noteworthy. Her refusal to work on explicit or illegal content speaks to her integrity and values.

In summary, Kate R isn’t just a voice; she’s a storyteller, a collaborator, and an artist who elevates your project to heights you never imagined. Choosing Kate is choosing an experience that resonates and captivates your audience.

9. Lena F

  • Lena F
  • Our Ratings:
  • 100+ Satisfied Customers

Allow me to introduce you to Lena F, an Australian female voice-over artist who effortlessly earns a 10/10 for her impeccable skills and commitment to excellence, all from a client’s perspective.

Lena’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s an experience. With a range that spans from confident to warm, and expressive to engaging, she possesses the unique ability to breathe life into any script. Her versatility shines through, making her a standout choice for projects spanning corporate to documentary narration.

Lena’s dedication to quality is palpable. As a full-time voice actor, she’s armed with a professionally equipped home studio that ensures not just efficiency, but also top-notch sound quality. Her commitment extends beyond the microphone; it’s evident in every note she delivers.

What sets Lena apart is her attention to detail. She values your project’s uniqueness, and her request for pronunciation clarity underscores her dedication to getting it right. Her readiness to embrace specific instructions ensures a seamless collaboration.

Favoriting Lena’s gig is a testament to her impact. Her commitment to your project’s success is unwavering, extending to prompt responses and support.

Lena’s approach is both professional and approachable. Her warmth and enthusiasm shine through, creating an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and creativity. When you choose Lena, you’re choosing a voice that doesn’t just narrate; it captivates.

In conclusion, Lena F isn’t just a voice-over artist; she’s a partner, an artist, and a professional who crafts auditory masterpieces that resonate with your audience. With Lena, your project isn’t just in safe hands; it’s in the hands of someone who’s passionate about making it exceptional.

10. Sue M

  • Sue M
  • Our Ratings:
  • 2228+ Satisfied Customers

Meet Sue M, the epitome of a top-tier Australian female voice-over artist, and she effortlessly claims a 10/10 rating for her unwavering passion and commitment to her craft, all from a client’s perspective.

Sue’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s an expression of her deep-seated love for her work. With a background rooted in a fervent desire to pursue commercial radio at the young age of 16, she infuses every project with the same energy and enthusiasm that ignited her career journey.

What sets Sue apart is her dedication to excellence. She’s not just a voice talent; she’s a guardian of audio quality. With a high-end studio equipped with broadcast quality equipment, she ensures your audio is nothing short of crystal clear perfection.

Sue’s track record is a testament to her impact. Blue-chip brands like AMP, Samsung, and Telstra, alongside numerous small businesses and start-ups, have all entrusted her voice to elevate their projects. Her impressive portfolio, bolstered by over 4000 jobs delivered on Fiverr, showcases her consistency and reliability.

Sue’s commitment extends beyond recording; it’s in her meticulous editing. Clicks, pops, hum, and echo find no place in her final products, ensuring your voiceovers are not just ready to use, but sound absolutely amazing.

Working with Sue is a personalized experience. She treats each job with individual care, dedicating her time and attention to ensure your project stands out from the crowd.

In summary, Sue M isn’t just a voice-over artist; she’s a maestro, an enthusiast, and a professional who turns every script into a symphony. When you choose Sue, you’re not just hiring a voice; you’re investing in a sonic masterpiece that resonates with your audience.

11. Miri B

  • Miri B
  • Our Ratings:
  • 490+ Satisfied Customers

Introducing Miri B, a seasoned professional in the realm of Australian female voice-over artists, who effortlessly clinches a 10/10 score for her unparalleled expertise and dedicated service, all from a client’s viewpoint.

Miri’s voice isn’t just a voice; it’s a symphony of experience. With over a decade in the industry, her talent resonates through every word she utters. Her commitment shines through in every detail, from her purpose-built private studio, complete with soundproofing and top-notch equipment, to the meticulously edited and debreathed files she delivers.

Miri’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of her service. Her diverse offerings, ranging from corporate voice overs to child-focused materials, demonstrate her versatility. She’s not just a voice-over artist; she’s a partner in crafting auditory experiences that matter.

What distinguishes Miri is her professional ethics. Her unwavering stance against explicit content, illegal activities, violence, discrimination, and appearing on video showcases her values and integrity. Her clarity on these aspects ensures a seamless and respectful collaboration.

Miri’s process is designed for your convenience. Clicking through her options and receiving a quote is straightforward, and her availability for questions underscores her commitment to client satisfaction.

In summary, Miri B isn’t just a voice-over artist; she’s a maestro, a collaborator, and a professional who transforms scripts into sonnets. Choosing Miri isn’t just a decision; it’s an investment in auditory excellence that resonates and captivates.

12. Mandy

  • Mandy
  • Our Ratings:
  • 137+ Satisfied Customers

Meet Mandy, the epitome of a seasoned and captivating Australian female voice-over artist who undoubtedly scores a perfect 10/10 in terms of professionalism, resonance, and delivering what clients truly seek.

Mandy’s voice isn’t just sound; it’s a bridge that connects. With her mature and clear tone, she effortlessly captures your audience’s attention, whether it’s through engaging commercials, captivating video narrations, or even dynamic video presenting.

What sets Mandy apart is not just her voice, but her commitment to excellence. Every project she delivers resonates with professionalism and quality, a testament to her dedication to ensuring that your project shines.

Mandy doesn’t just offer voice-over services; she offers an immersive experience. Her comprehensive package includes full broadcasting and commercial rights, eliminating any worries and ensuring your project can reach its full potential.

Mandy’s attention to detail is admirable. Even when it comes to revisions, she’s attentive and responsive, ensuring that your vision is realized down to the last word.

If you’re looking for a voice that not only speaks but also connects, Mandy is your go-to artist. Her willingness to tailor quotes and her enthusiasm for collaboration make working with her a rewarding journey.

In conclusion, choosing Mandy isn’t just hiring a voice-over artist; it’s embracing a partner who will bring your words to life, captivate your audience, and elevate your project to new heights.

What Makes A Great Freelance Australian Female Voice Over Artist?

A great freelance Australian female voice over artist possesses a unique blend of skills and qualities that bring scripts to life.

Firstly, impeccable vocal control and tone are crucial. The ability to modulate voice to fit diverse projects, from commercials to narrations, showcases versatility.

Moreover, an understanding of script interpretation is vital. Great artists don’t just read words; they convey emotions and messages effectively.

Creativity and adaptability make an artist shine. The capacity to adapt to different genres and create engaging performances is a hallmark of greatness.

What Sets These Freelance Australian Female Voice Over Artists Apart?

What truly sets these freelance Australian female voice-over artists apart is their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Each artist brings a unique flair to their work, infusing character and personality into every project they undertake.

Their commitment to top-notch audio quality is evident, ensuring that the final product resonates with professionalism.

Moreover, their portfolios boast a rich tapestry of projects, from global brands to local businesses, showcasing their versatility and experience.

It’s their passion that truly distinguishes them. Their love for the craft elevates their performances and captures the essence of every script.

How Can You Collaborate Effectively With These Freelance Australian Female Voice Over Artists?

Effective collaboration with these talented artists begins with clear communication.

When approaching a project, provide a detailed brief encompassing tone, style, and expectations. This clarity paves the way for a successful partnership.

Moreover, respecting their expertise and giving creative freedom yields exceptional results. Trust their ability to breathe life into your words.

Timely feedback and open dialogue enhance collaboration. Address any concerns promptly, ensuring that the project evolves smoothly.

Lastly, appreciate their work. Recognize the dedication and passion they invest in every recording, and your collaboration will flourish.


And there you have it – the cream of the crop when it comes to the Best Freelance Australian Female Voice Over Artists.

Their voices breathe life into scripts, their passion resonates through every word, and their versatility knows no bounds.

Whether it’s commercials, narrations, animations, or beyond, these artists bring magic to every project they touch.

So, next time you need that perfect voice to captivate your audience, you know where to turn. Let their talent elevate your content!

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